An Advancing Informal STEM Learning grant from the National Science Foundation connected to the project will explore digital narrative, transmedia engagement, and science-in-society through a digital museum, a tabletop activities kit,


Publications Frankenstein: A New Edition for Scientists and Engineers Editors: Ed Finn, Assistant Professor, School of Arts, Media and Engineering and Department of English; Founding Director, Center for Science and the

Storytelling and innovation

The Frankenstein Bicentennial Project will infuse science and engineering endeavors with considerations of ethics. It will use the power of storytelling and art to shape processes of innovation and empower

Celebrating 200 years

Arizona State University will serve as the network hub for a global celebration of the bicentennial of the writing and publication of Frankenstein, 2016-2018. The celebration will encompass a wide variety of public programs, physical and digital exhibits, research projects, scientific demonstrations, competitions, festivals, art projects, formal and informal learning opportunities, and publications exploring the novel’s colossal scientific, technological, artistic, cultural and social impacts.