Frankenstein200 is an original digital narrative, created with a team of talented filmmakers and game designers, that pairs real-life collection objects from a broad range of museums with interactive storytelling tools, including videos, web pages, puzzles, and games to reimagine Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for a new generation of students and their families.  Learn more about this groundbreaking transmedia learning project below.

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Hands-on Activities

Frankenstein200 goes beyond the screen, using exciting hands-on maker activities to prompt discussions and reflection about responsible science — all inspired by themes raised in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein.  See the activities and their learning objectives:

  • Automata 

    • Make an automaton, a moving mechanical device that imitates the movement of a human, animal, or other living thing!
  • Battery Stack

    • Learn how to create a voltaic pile, the first kind of battery.
  • Dough Creature

    • Make a creature out of conductive dough and use it to create an electrical circuit.
  • Frankentoy 

    • Make a unique creature by mixing and matching different parts of toys. What did you create? Something amazing? Something monstrous?
  • Monster Mask

    • Learn how people augment their bodies with technology by creating a light-up mask.
  • Scribble Bot

    • Make a toy bot with a surprising ability: it scribbles on a sheet of paper. But who is the artist, you or your creature?
  • Spark of Life 

    • Create a battery from two kinds of metal and your own body!

Partner Museums

Over 50 museums partners helped bring Frankenstein200 to life. Information on those organizations, including how to visit them, is here:


Frankenstein200 was created by Arizona State University under a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Educational support from:

Production support from:

Frankenstein200 features performances by:

  • Rose Abdoo as Doctor Tori Frankenstein
  • Nikki SooHoo as Mya
  • Jeremy Howard as Xavier

For more information on Frankenstein200 or Arizona State University’s work on science in society, please contact