Building a New Frankenstein

Frank1The Building a New Frankenstein project from the University of Hertfordshire in England sets out to celebrate Mary Shelley’s novel for the bicentenary of its publication in 1818. The project is based around the subjects of portraiture, science, technology, and the construction of the human figure inspired by Victor Frankenstein’s creation in Shelley’s eponymous novel. In 1818 the story fantasized that it was possible to breathe life into human fragments by physically stitching them together. Two hundred years later the technologies have changed, but science’s capacity to rethink what it is to be human remains. This project explores how we might re­imagine Mary Shelley’s concerns from a 21st century perspective. What might exercise the creative imagination of Shelley if she were with us now? You can help build Frankenstein’s monster in the 21st century by sending the team your own self-portrait. This project will also be presenting selected monsters here at ASU and on public screens all over the world, in collaboration with the Streaming Museum in New York. Be a donor to the project! Upload your selfie here!