One classic story, told in three parts. Frankenstein200 is a free, episodic online story game paired with a series of fun hands-on science activities related to robotics, genetic engineering, and electricity. By teaching a robot how to draw, experimenting with simple machines, or even bringing their own “creature” to life, learners will encounter the same questions and ideas Mary Shelley had when writing Frankenstein 200 years ago. In the process, they will develop important skills for exploration, discovery, and critical thinking in the 21st century.

Frankenstein200 Game

A digital narrative using interactive storytelling tools (videos, website pages, puzzles, and games) in tandem with real-life objects and places to reimagine Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for a new generation for students and their families. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse at the world of Frankenstein200.

Frankenstein’s Footlocker

A tabletop kit for classrooms, science centers and other learning hubs with inexpensive, accessible materials to support creative making activities. Read more about the kit activities and their learning objectives in the links below:

Frankenstein’s Workbench

Frankenstein200 also features a set of DIY activities, online challenges, and competitions to continue the learning at home. Take a look at some of our latest creations!

It’s Alive in Your Classroom!

Frankenstein200 is adaptable to home or in class activities and can be scaled for individual, small group, or classroom-based lessons. For a sample lesson plan, mapped to NGSS and Commons Core, please see the Frankenstein200 Lesson Plans and Science Standards.

Plus – Read the Book That Started It All!

According to the Open Syllabus Project, Mary Shelley’s Frankensteinis the fifth most most assigned book on college campuses, and is often required reading for high school students as well. In honor of the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, we created Frankenbook; a free, online version of the original 1818 text that includes annotations, essays, short video and audio features, and interactive content that provides contemporary context to the timeless story of the creature and his creator. Frankenbook is built on a dynamic, open-source community platform from the MIT Media Lab that enables anyone to read, discuss, and share a customized version of the text based on specific themes and topics of interest.  This volume looks at the scientific, technological, political, and ethical dimensions of the novel, its historical context, and its enduring legacy in popular culture. Readers can respond to more than 80 scholars and subject matter experts who contributed to the book and pen their own annotations for inclusion in the source text.


Frankenstein200 was created by Arizona State University under a grant from the National Science Foundation. Educational support from: Production support from: Frankenstein200 features performances by: For more information on Frankenstein200, Arizona State University’s work on science in society topics, or how to use these resources for your students, please contact Bob.Beard@asu.edu.